Saturday, September 4, 2010

Development Journalism Package

Poverty is affecting the whole of South Africa. With high unemployment rates, the poorest of the poor are most vulnerable. As a result, some of the community members from the Eastern Cape are working alongside the Centre for Social Development (CSD) in Grahamstown to help the children and communities who need it the most. Jane van Doorene spoke to some of the people involved.

Climate Change Feature

Climate change… the lingo on the lips of scientists, environmentalists and other really important people but what does this word mean to you? How serious is this whole climate change business? Scientists have made alarming predictions but overwhelming amounts of information on the subject often leave the average person more confused than informed. Jane van Doorene tries to clear up some confusion…

G-News Podcast 2

Counterfeit R200 Notes In Circulation

Over one million rands worth of high quality counterfeit R200 notes are currently in circulation in Grahamstown. The South African Reserve Bank (SARF) is encouraging consumers to present their old R200 notes at any commercial bank by the end of May. The reserve bank hopes consumers will become familiar with the new features to avoid being scammed in future.

Jane van Doorene spoke to local business owners and managers about their techniques for spotting the counterfeit notes.